Why Protokol?

Do you find yourself using too many different tools for simple tasks? They often don't talk to each other, making it a hassle to move data around. Plus, it's tough when the data doesn't match up, right?

Sometimes, you end up shaping your business to fit the software, rather than the other way around. And when your business grows, these tools can't keep up, leaving you stuck with outdated stuff.

At Protokol, we get it. Our platform grows with your business, putting all your data in one place, just the way you like it. You build tools around your data, making everything fit perfectly for your business.

Let's talk about spreadsheets. They're okay, but they're not for everyone. Most businesses want more, and that's where we come in.

Protokol makes things simpler. No more struggling with different tools that don't match. No more data headaches. Welcome to a world where your business leads the way, not the software.

Real world problem

Picture this: you own a store and rely on an ERP system to manage the complexities of your business. Now, envision expanding your business to the online realm, requiring a webshop. The instinctual Google search leads you to a solution. You set up the webshop, but a crucial issue arises – how do you populate it with products? Exporting from the ERP and importing into the webshop becomes a tiresome cycle. The result? Inventory discrepancies leading to potential stockouts, frustrating your customers. And it doesn't end there. What happens when a third tool enters the mix? Juggling between tools consumes valuable time. You might even consider hiring extra hands to manage this process, but at what cost? These tools were meant to solve problems, not create more.

Now, enter Protokol's ecosystem and witness how it resolves these very challenges. Your ERP resides within Protokol, handling inventory management seamlessly. Imagine desiring a webshop – a simple installation via integrations suffices. That's it. All your data resides in one place. No more hassle.

At Protokol, we value your time. In business, time is money, and we aim to save both for you. Your business shouldn't chain you down; it should empower you to work smarter, not harder.