Unveiling the Power of Our Platform: A Comprehensive Feature Breakdown

Our platform is a robust and versatile ecosystem designed to empower businesses across various industries. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key functionalities and tools that make our platform a game-changer in managing projects, streamlining workflows, and enhancing business operations.

User Roles and Permissions

At the core of our platform lies an intricate system of user roles and permissions. This feature allows for precise control over user access, tailoring the platform's functionalities to match the specific tasks and responsibilities of each user. By assigning distinct roles and permissions, businesses can bolster security, segment users effectively, and ensure a focused work environment.


The Platform introduces a unique approach to project management through its innovative workspace system. Each workspace acts as a dedicated hub for specific projects, fostering a segmented and organized approach. Project administrators can curate these spaces, handpicking users based on their roles and responsibilities, optimizing collaboration, and task allocation.


Our platform offers dual environments: the Live and Dev environments. This dual structure provides a safe space for testing and refining resources before deploying them to the Live environment. Supporting versioning across various resources amplifies developers' control, allowing them to revert or modify versions seamlessly.

Low-Code Capability

We follow low-code principles across the platform, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Our advanced low-code editor, powered by cutting-edge JavaScript technologies, enables users to craft tailored solutions for diverse business needs.

Components and Integrations

Components serve as the backbone of our platform, organizing and managing crucial business data while offering features for task automation. With extensive integration capabilities, our platform seamlessly connects with various apps, components, and workflows. These integrations enhance workflows, bolster productivity, and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Developer Tools

Our platform offers a suite of powerful developer tools:

  • Thunder: A dynamic collection of unstructured data accessible by various services, expanding the platform's versatility.
  • Spark: Serverless functions enabling customized logic, enhancing existing functionalities for dynamic solutions.
  • Ratchet: An interface bridging the platform with external databases, expanding service capabilities.
  • Scout: A debugger interface facilitating issue resolution and ensuring the Public API's optimal performance.
  • Workflow Logs: Essential for error monitoring and performance optimization, ensuring smooth workflows.

Templates and Workflow Automation

Templates provide a head start for platform usage, delivering pre-defined features for quick launches. Two types of workflows - Component and Project - automate tasks based on data events, maximizing efficiency and user experience.

Custom Apps

Our platform offers three distinct custom app types:

  • Platform Apps: Integrated within the platform, enhancing the user experience and leveraging Protokol's advanced framework.
  • Public Apps: Operate independently from the platform, yet maintain communication, ideal for public-facing applications.
  • Business Portals: Deliver a tailored experience to a broader audience, offering dedicated interfaces for engaging stakeholders.

At our platform, we're dedicated to providing a comprehensive and versatile solution that meets the evolving needs of modern businesses. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights and guides on how to leverage our platform's functionalities effectively!